Myrtle Point History

This history was written by J. S. Secrist and was published in  The Missionary Visitor Feb. 1906 page 81-84

Coquille Congregation

The Coquille Valley is location in Coos county, Oregon, on the West slope of the Coast Range Mountains, in a natural, dense forest of the far-famed fir, cedar and myrtle, a beautiful, almost tropical, climate, constantly fanned by the breezes of the Pacific Ocean, on whose shores it lies.  Well watered, rich and productive, it early attracted the attention of settlers.  In the fall of 1872 there arrived in the valley the nucleus of what is now a strong Brethren church.  There were eight members: Eld. David Barklow and wife, Samuel Barklow, minister in the second degree, and this wife; John Barklow and wife; Mother Barklow and Elizabeth Snider, afterward Steel.

  In April of 1872 John Barklow and wife and family left their home and home church at South English, Iowa, and Eld David Barklow, S. S. Barklow, their mother, wives and families, of Boone County, Iowa.  These came together over the Union Pacific railroad to Redbluff, Cal.  From here they traveled by their own conveyance.  Securing two teams and wagons, they loaded their families and all their effects, and drove north over the mountains and canyons into Jackson county, Oregon.  Here they remained until August of the same year.

  Here they met Messes, T. M. Herman and W. P. Herman, of Coos county, Oregon.  These gentlemen gave then their first reliable and trustworthy information concerning the beautiful valley in which their own homes were located.  They were soon on the way thither on horse back, with skillet and blankets, strapped to their horses.  They came in over an elk trail, through the great Coast Range Mountains.  Leaving their families at Jacksonville, they arrived in Coos county.  Here they stopped and camped on Halls Creek, on the borders of valley.  They put all three of their horse in a large, hollow cedar tree, for a stall to feed in.  Camping on the outside, and taking a good look at the rich soil and wonderful timber about them, they were not long in making up their minds that it was good enough for the Brethren to live in.  Returning again to Jacksonville, they come with their teams, and families, by the way of Roseburg, over the Coos Bay stage road to where Fairview post now is.  This was twenty miles from their destination and there was not even an elk trail, nothing but what seem almost impenetrable forest of mountains.  Here they sold their wagons, having no further use for them.  They built one-horse sleds, loaded their goods on them, and began to hew out a trail they were six days in going six miles, camping on the way, with the deer, elk, panthers and bears as their nightly companions.  At last they succeeded in cutting their way through to what is now Coquille City, the county-seat of Coos county.  Here they secured flatboat on the Coquille river.  As the ocean tide comes forty miles up the river to Myrtle Point, they took advantage of this, and floated up as the tide came in, tied up as it went out, until they arrived at their destination, at what now is Norway, about four miles below Myrtle Point.

  With ax and saw, brawn and brain, with many a homesick tear and sigh, they built their homes and preached the Word, and laid a good foundation for tine and eternity.

  The former home of the Barklows was near South English, Iowa, others continued to arrive and some were added to the infant church by baptism.  Their meetings were held mostly in homes of the members, especially in Bro. Samuelís Barklow home.  The first love feast was held in June, 1874, at the residence of Bro. John Barklow, and Nov. 22, 1873, the church was organized at the same place.  The names of those present at the organization were: Eld David Barklow (also chosen to be it first elder) and wife; S. S. Barklow and wife; John Barklow and wife; Elizabeth Snider; Thomas Barklow and wife; J. H. Roberts and wife; Eld. Peter Overholtzer and wife; Philip Decker and wife; Joseph Wright and wife; Mary Duncan, Marguerite Wright, Sarah Gant and Mother Barklow, - Twenty-one in all.

  The first Sunday school was organized in the spring of 1881, with Bro. J. H. Roberts as its superintendent, and the first house of worship was built about one-half mile from its present site, on Main Street of Myrtle Point, in 1878.  This house was subsequently torn down and moved to its present site.  The probable cost of the first house was $500, and of the second one, or the old one torn down and remodeled and enlarged with lot, about $900.  This was again found to be to small and in 1904 an addition was built to it.  The main building, shown in the right of the photograph, is the old one, 32 X 50; the annex to the left, 33 X 34.  The present value of the house and lot is $2,500.  its present membership is about 135 members.

  Eld. David Barklow, its first elder, an earnest, devoted shepherd, presided over its welfare for sixteen years, until his death in 1889, after which the oversight of the church was given to Bro. Samuel S. Barklow, his brother, who presided over it until his death, Dec. 17, 1897, when Bro. John Bonewitz was called to the charge and served the church ably until Feb. 28, 1900, when he left Coos county for the north and resigned his charge.  His successor was elder in charge at present is Eld. Thomas Barklow.  Other elders living in the congregation at present are C. H. Barklow and J. S. Root.  Ministers in second degree are J. W. Barnette, William Chandler, S. Reed, J. F. Stevens and J. S. Secrist.  Deacons: Elford Michaels, Darius Neal, John Royer, Joel Root, Peter Michaels, Reuben Hartley, George Mille, Daniel Root, J. N. Roberts; average enrollment of scholars over one hundred at Myrtle Point; also a Sunday school at Hallís Creek, five miles from Myrtle Point, other place where meetings are held more or less regular are, Remote, twenty miles on middle for of Coquille river, Rural, twenty-three miles on south fork; Roland Prairie, fourteen miles on same stream; Hartley district, six miles; Norway four miles; Fox M. E. church house, nine  miles, on north fork, with many other points scattered over an area of sixty miles.

  This church has had its dark days during the division, but by the blessing of Him who stands at the head and safely pilots His own, she has work has been done in the saving of souls, but a greater work is ahead of her.  She has sent out some noble Christian workers from her midst.  Eld. John Bonewitz was elected to the ministry here. Bro. Frank Barklow, minister in the second degree, was born into the kingdom in this church.  Both are now at Weston, Oregon, and have organized a church at that place, with good prospects. Eld. G. C. Carl, now located in Portland, Oregon, and Eld. S. E. Decker, now located at Ashland, were born into the kingdom here.  Dec. 19, 1901, the writer, then on an extended tour of the West, first arrived at Myrtle Point, and spent about three months in the valley.  A number of meetings were held, in which the home ministry and lay members joined earnestly and devotedly.  A great awakening followed, in which forty-eight were baptized or reclaimed. Since then the numerical strength of the church has somewhat declined, through death, desertion and emigration.  By the aid and influence of the Brethren, the county decided for prohibition at last fallís election, and Myrtle Point is free from saloons for the first time in its history.  Two sermons each Lordís Day are preached in the church house.  They have Sunday school 10 A. M., Wednesday evening, prayer meeting, and Bible society every Saturday evening. All her services are well attended and her influence has been for good.  May peace crown her sylvan shades!

1873 David Barklow (Elder)

1874 David Barklow (Elder)

1875 David Barklow (Elder)

1876 David Barklow (Elder)

1877 David Barklow (Elder)

1878 David Barklow (Elder)

1879 David Barklow (Elder)

1880 David Barklow (Elder)

1881 David Barklow (Elder)

1882 David Barklow (Elder)

1883 David Barklow (Elder)

1884 David Barklow (Elder)

1885 David Barklow (Elder)

1886 David Barklow (Elder)

1887 David Barklow (Elder)

1889 David Barklow (Elder) / Samuel S. Barklow (Elder)

1890 Samuel S. Barklow (Elder)

1891 Samuel S. Barklow (Elder)

1892 Samuel S. Barklow (Elder)

1893 Samuel S. Barklow (Elder)

1894  Samuel S. Barklow (Elder)

1895 Samuel S. Barklow (Elder)              1 Elder, 3 minister in 2nd degree,

1896 Samuel S. Barklow (Elder)              2 Elder, 4 in 2nd degree, (one laboring in Wash)

1897 Samuel S. Barklow (Elder) / John Bonewitz (Elder)

1898 John Bonewitz (Elder)

1899 John Bonewitz (Elder)

1900 John Bonewitz (Elder)

1901 Thomas Barklow (Elder)

1902 Thomas Barklow (Elder)                1 Elder, 2 in 2nd degree, 2 in 2nd degree

1903 Thomas Barklow (Elder)

1904 Thomas Barklow (Elder)

1905 Thomas Barklow (Elder)

1906 Thomas Barklow (Elder)

1907 Thomas Barklow (Elder)

1908 Thomas Barklow (Elder)

1909 Thomas Barklow (Elder)

1910 Thomas Barklow (Elder)

1911 Thomas Barklow (Elder)

1912 Thomas Barklow (Elder)

1913 Thomas Barklow (Elder)

1914 Thomas Barklow (Elder)

1915 Thomas Barklow (Elder)

1916 John E. Root

1917 Charles H. Barklow (elder)

1918 Charles H. Barklow (elder)

1919 Charles H. Barklow (elder)

1920 Charles H. Barklow (elder)

1921 --------------------------------

1922 James W. Barnett ( (P& E)

1923 -------------------------------

1924 Thomas Barklow (Elder)

1925 Thomas Barklow (Elder)

1926 John W. Root (Elder)

1927 Leander Smith

1928 Leander Smith

1929 John E. Root (Elder)

1930 Charles Wolff

1931 Charles Wolff

1932 Charles Wolff

1933 Charles Wolff

1934 Charles Wolff

1935 Francis Henry Barr / Charles Wolff

1936 Francis Henry Barr

1937 Francis Henry Barr

1938 Francis Henry Barr

1939 Francis Henry Barr

1940 Francis Henry Barr

1941 Francis Henry Barr

1942 Marion Stern

1943 Marion Stern

1944 Marion Stern / Miles. G. Blickenstaff

1945 Miles. G. Blickenstaff

1946 Miles. G. Blickenstaff

1947 Miles. G. Blickenstaff

1948 Marion Stern

1949 Marion Stern

1950 Marion Stern

1951 Charles Wolff

1952 Robert Sink

1953 Robert Sink

1954 Leo Miller

1955 Leo Miller

1956 Leo Miller

1957 Leo Miller

1958 Howard Michael

1959 Howard Michael

1960 Glen Montz

1961 Glen Montz

1962 Wilbur Smith

1963 A. Frost Hatch III

1964 Charles Wolfe

1965 George Williams

1966 Charles Wolff

1967 Charles Wolff

1868 Victor Stevens

1969 Victor Stevens

1970 F. Ike Miller (M)

1971 F. Ike Miller (M)

1972 F. Ike Miller (M)

1973 F. Ike Miller (M)

1974 F. Ike Miller (M)

1975 Wayne Miller

1976 ------------------  

1877 -----------------

1978 Lloyd Pounds

1979 Lloyd Pounds



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